UK Fresh 86

On July 19th 1986 the UK witnessed what was and still is the biggest live UK Hip Hop event to this day. Hosted by Mike Allen it featured an amazing line up of many of the top Hip Hop recording artists of the day, who performed one afternoon and one evening show at Wembley Arena. The event was organised as part of Capital Radio's 'Capital Music Festival' and also had input from the Street Sounds record label who released a 12" single by Hashim called 'UK Fresh '86 The Anthem' and an album Hip Hop/Electro 13 to celebrate the event.

Mike Allen with the very first new of UK Fresh 86 broadcast on 7th March 1986

Mike Allen gives us the latest news on UK Fresh 86 broadcast 14th March 1986, and talks of a competition that invites the listeners to list the 12 acts they would most like to appear at the UK Fresh 86 concerts, the winners get a signed album and photo of Kurtis Blow...

The video below is a recording of Mike reading out the latest news about UK Fresh 86 on his Capital show on Friday 9th May 1986, this was the first time there had been an announcement of the official line up.

Capital Radio recorded the shows and broadcast an edited version over the August Bank Holiday weekend on Mike Allen's show. Unfortunately the shows were never recorded on video which looking back was a huge error of judgement as this really was a historic event.

An original UK Fresh 86 flyer which I have The legendary Captain Rock at UK Fresh 86 Mona Lisa of the World Class Wreckin' Cru

managed to keep in mint condition

Grandmaster Flash take the applause at Wembley Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde

The UK Fresh 86 programme UK Fresh 86 makes front page of Echoes The UK Fresh 86 artists are announced

An advert for UK Fresh 86 from Echoes on June 7th 1986 A competition to win tickets to UK Fresh 86 from Echoes on May 31st 1986