1987 Shows


In 1987 the show sadly came to an end when Mike decided to make the move to LBC, it broadcast up until around the month of July, the last recording I have with a confirmed date was from Friday 3rd July 1987. The show seemed to just vanish with very little notice, I never caught the very last show so was unaware of its demise and I do remember trying to tune in during July but it had just disappeared!!

Mike did however continue with his National Fresh Show which had a similar format to the Capital Show but was squeezed into a weekly hour slot. This show was broadcast on various local stations around the UK and continued until early 1988. The show was sponsored by TDK and after the financial crash in 1987 they pulled their sponsorship in effect ending that show as well.

What is interesting about the 1987 shows is the diversity of the music played, Hip Hop was well into its transition from drum machines and synths to sampling breaks. Although this was very much dependent on where the music originated, the east NYC sound was pioneering the sampling of break beats whereas the west coast and Miami were still producing a high number of records that still had an electro-funk influence. The contrast in these sounds can be heard on some of Mike's shows from this era as he goes from playing a Public Enemy record to dropping an Egyptian Lover or MC A.D.E joint - where else could you hear that?

January 1987 - January 1987

Friday 2nd January 1987 11pm-Midnight

Saturday 3rd January 1987 8pm-10pm

Friday 16th January 1987 11.30pm-12.30am

Saturday 17th January 1987 8pm-10pm

Friday 23rd January 1987 11pm-Midnight

February 1987 - February 1987

Friday 13th February 1987 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 14th February 1987 9pm-10pm

Friday 27th February 1987 10pm-Midnight

Show with Unknown Date

March 1987 -

Friday 20th March 1987 11pm-1am

April 1987 - April 1987

Friday 3rd April 1987 10pm-Midnight

Friday 10th April 1987 10pm-Midnight

Friday 17th April 1987 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 18th April 1987 8pm-10pm

May 1987 - May 1987

Friday 8th May 1987 10pm-Midnight

Friday 22nd May 1987 11pm-1am

Show with Unknown Date

June 1987 - June 1987

Saturday 20th June 1987 8pm-10pm

Friday 26th June 1987 11pm-Midnight

July 1987 - July 1987

Friday 3rd July 1987 10pm-10.30pm