1984 Groove Hip Hop Sales Charts

The charts below represent the Hip Hop and Electro record sales in Groove Records, Soho, London. Please note that these charts were printed in Echoes magazine every Saturday but Mike Allen would read out the same chart the previous weekend on the Friday night show, so the dates here will not be in sync with the shows.

The earliest printed Electro Funk Groove Chart I have is from 28th January 1984, I do have copies of Echoes from December 1983 and there are no charts printed so I am presuming the charts started sometime in January 1984.

I only have a few Groove Charts from 1984 as seen below, if you happen to have any 1984 issues of Echoes that contain a Groove Chart I would be very grateful if you would send me a scan.

28th January 1984

4th February 1984

21st April 1984 (taken from a 1989 issue of Echoes, hence the '5 years ago heading')

30th June 1984

27th October 1984

3rd November 1984

17th November 1984

24th November 1984

8th December 1984

15th December 1984

22nd December 1984