Fresh Start To The Week

A Fresh Start To The Week

'A Fresh Start to the Week' was a weekly Hip Hop show broadcast on Radio London 94.9 FM, hosted by Dave Pearce it went out on a Monday night between 10pm and midnight. The show had a very different feel to the Capital Rap Show, this was mainly due to the live interaction with the audience, with the listeners being able to ring in and leave shout outs etc, Mike's show had a much more pre-recorded feel. There was a lot less variety in the play lists, you would often hear the same records played week after week, maybe this was because the show only went out once a week for two hours.

The 'Fresh Start' boys Dave and Roger in the studio, along Dave with the Beastie Boys

with Nite FM controller Tom Brown and Giles Peterson

Another major difference between this show and Mike's show was the live DJ, each week there would be two or three live sessions from DJ Roger Johnson spread throughout the show. This was known as the 'RJ Scratch Attack' with each session lasting around 10-15 minutes, this was done live on where he would mix up a few records with a bit of cutting and scratching. It seems that Roger Johnson became a little unreliable as there were a few shows where he didn't show up! Various DJ's filled in for him, Richie Rich appeared a few times and did some amazing mixes using old and new Hip Hop from the previous few years, other DJ's like Simon Harris and DJ Detonate (Demon Boyz) also appeared, eventually Roger Johnson was replaced by a DJ named K.C.J. who came up with some really inventive mixing using both current and older Hip Hop.

Unlike Mike's show a chart run down was not a major feature of the show, although Dave would sometimes read out the Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart Top 10. However, this was usually brushed over quite quickly and done within 20 seconds with no focus on it, so nothing like Mike's show.

A couple of things added to the live feel of the show, listeners were able to ring in during the show and leave dedications and shout outs which were broadcast sporadically between the records played. There was also a weekly phone line rap competition where Dave would name a subject matter and wannabe rappers would rap their raps down the phone, with the winner being played on air and sometimes invited into the studio to do a small session for broadcast.

The show started in early 1986, during 1985 Dave had a show on Radio London that played a mixture of soul, funk and Hip Hop, it seems the decision was taken to split this format into two shows, so this formed Dave's two shows on Radio London, 'A Fresh Start to the week' playing the Hip Hop and a Thursday night show catering for the soul and funk. 'A Fresh Start to the Week' was going strong through 1987 and 1988, there were live broadcasts (Camden Palace Jam which featured many UK acts), a competition in conjunction with Street Sounds to find talent through the show to feature on the Hip Hop/Electro 20 album, mixing competitions and various jams hosted by the Dave Pearce/Roger Johnson team using the Nite FM/Radio London banner. In 1989 there were problems at Radio London (a BBC local station) which led to it being renamed GLR, the schedules were changed and Dave now presented a show every night of the week with his Hip Hop show featuring on a Friday, this however was shortlived.

This Camden Palace jam was broadcast live on 'Fresh Start' A Nite FM Hip Hop jam in December 1987

and featured many UK artists

Street Sounds Hip Hop 20 not 19 The Dave Pearce Hip Hop Connection in 1988

Word of Mouth & DJ Cheese - Radio London (Nite FM) jingle