Freestyle 85

Freestyle 85

Freestyle 85 consisted of two events both held at the Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden, London on Saturday 14th December 1985, put together by Centre Promotions, a collection of some of the performers.

The first event Freestyle 85 was held during the day between 11am and 5pm, it was an exhibition of the best of British Hip Hop culture, featuring MC's and DJ's, graffiti art and B Boying. The event was compered by Seargent V of the Hip Hop Roadshow, between performances a screening of the UK Hip Hop film 'Electro Rock' was shown along with some Whodini videos.

The performers at Freestyle 85 included:

Seargent V

Hip Hop Roadshow

Chrome Angelz (Mode 2, Pride, Zaki)

Imperial Mixers

Cosmic Jamm

Live 2 Break

London All-Stars

Daddy Speedo


DJ Sugar Baby

BTJ Productions

IDJ Dancers

Mike Allen promotes the upcoming Freestyle 85 event on his Capital Radio show.

Fresh Throwdown

Fresh Throwdown was the evening event held between 8pm and 3am, this was a straight up Hip Hop jam. Davy DMX had been promoted as the headline act, at one stage confirmed, but for some reason it didn't work out. In his place Master O.C. and the Great Peso of the Fearless Four were brought over from New York along with DJ Tyne of The Untouchables. On top of this however, Jalil and Grandmaster Dee of Whodini made an unplanned appearance, they were in London at the time recording their 'Back in Black' album for Jive Records who had a studio in Willesden.

The performers at Fresh Throwdown included:

Cosmic Jamm

Imperial Mixers

Master O.C. and Great Peso

Jalil & Grandmaster Dee (Whodini)

Rock City Crew

Sergeant V & Daddy Speedo Hip Hop Roadshow & Imperial Mixers

Sipho on the stage

*** Many thanks to Nick Turner for allowing the use of the fantastic photographs he personally took at the Freestyle 85 event.

Please use the link below to get access to view the photos on his account:

Flickr Account

Photos from the Freestyle 85 event

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