Chuck Chill's New York Juice Report

The Juice Report was also a feature on the National Fresh show, and also continued until the end of this show in early 1988.

Chuck Chill was a Hip Hop journalist based in New York, he was the man in the know when it came to Hip Hop goings on in NYC. He had a feature on Mike's Capital Rap Show called 'Chuck Chill's New York Juice Report' which was basically Chuck passing on all the current Hip Hop gossip in NYC. The feature ran for a few minutes and would go out on the Saturday night show, the first Juice Report was broadcast on Saturday 15th February 1986, it continued on Saturday nights right up until the shows demise.

Chuck Chill's New York Juice Report

Chuck Chill New York Juice Report broadcast on 12th July 1986

Chuck Chill had his own regular feature in the short lived 'Street Scene' magazine, the feature was called 'Chuck Chill's Hip Hop Report'. In a similar style to his Juice Report Chuck would write about the Hip Hop goings on in New York City, with interviews and record reviews.

This magazine was backed by the Street Sounds record label and had a regular Hip Hop section, the first of it's kind in the UK, this was way before Hip Hop Connection. The first issue of the magazine came out in November 1985, it ran for 20 issues with the last printed on 5th April 1986.

The Street Scene was blamed for the downfall of the Street Sounds record label as the majority of the money in the label was put into the magazine which proved to be a failure.

A shot of Chuck Chill at the UK Fresh 86 event.