The London Pirates

TKO Radio (90.6 FM, 102.4 FM) 1985 – 1988

58 Victoria Way


London SE7

Coverage: Londonwide

Jingles: “TKO is in the mix on 90.6 FM”, “This is the super sound of TKO” (Bill Mitchell)

DJs: Paul Dodd, Tony ‘The Hitman’ Bevans, Richard James, Dave Gregory (aka The Lone Ranger), Louis St. Clare, Paul Buick (founder), Ray Bradshaw, Mike Gee, LJ, Funky Frank, The Right Honourable Sir Lloyd, Mr Magic, Graham Gold, CJ Carlos, Knee Deep, Eddy James, Segue Steve Goddard, Melody, Chris Stewart, Sean Lewis, Roberto, Mike A, Mark Sebastian, Danny Mac, Andy Smith, Keith, Ian Laird, Kevin Wilkin, Sister J, Dave Stewart, Nicky Chemist, Ian Laird, Roger B, Tony Willis, Rick Robinson, Steve Jackson, H (aka Henry Jacob).

Launched in November 1985, Total Knockout Radio was formed by several former Solar Radio DJs who had split from that station just before it closed down in September 1985 to bid for a legal licence – much to the annoyance of Solar’s founder Tony Monson. Depending on the circumstances, TKO alternated between live and pre-recorded programmes and soon established itself as a quality Soul station, but was heavily targeted by the DTI and occasionally sabotaged by rivals. It stopped broadcasting for good in September 1988. At present there are no details of any particular shows, but Tony Bevans played Hip Hop on his 7-9pm weekday slot in the summer of 1987. Paul Dodd had a 7-9pm show on Saturdays but it is not currently known whether it featured Hip Hop.

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