1986 Shows


1986 was the year of UK Fresh and Mike's show was now well established and in it's prime. There were some changes to the schedule, the Friday night show remained at 10pm -1am, whilst in March 1986 the Saturday night show moved from 10pm-Midnight to a 8pm-10pm slot, the Sunday night show was dropped.

Chuck Chill's New York Juice Report was introduced at some point in 1986, the earliest recording I have is from Saturday 22nd March but then this is the first full Saturday show I have from this year so I presume it had been going on for a while before this date.

The first half of 1986 is certainly the period that I have best covered with many full shows recorded from this time, including the adverts! For some reason as the year progressed the recordings become less frequent. I'm not sure why as I was still listening to the show regularly, maybe I had run out of tapes, a common problem for a Hip Hop hungry teenager in the 80's!

A couple of highlights from this year are the DJ Cheese & Word of Mouth session that was broadcast on Saturday 15th March 1986, a classic set that still sounds good to this day. Also the infamous UK Fresh 86 concert that was broadcast over the August bank holiday.

January 1986 - January 1986

Friday 17th January 11pm-Midnight

Friday 24th January 10pm-11pm

Friday 31st January 10pm-Midnight

February 1986 - February 1986

Friday 7th February 1986 10pm-Midnight

Friday 21st February 1986 10pm-Midnight

Friday 28th February 1986 10pm-Midnight

March 1986 - March 1986

Friday 7th March 1986 10pm-Midnight

Friday 14th March 1986 10pm-1am

Saturday 15th March 1986 8pm-10pm

Saturday 22nd March 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 28th March 1986 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 29th March 1986 8pm-10pm

March 1985 Show - Unknown Date

April 1986 - April 1986

Undated Early April 1986 show

Saturday 12th April 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 18th April 1986 10pm-11pm

Saturday 19th April 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 25th April 1986 11pm-Midnight

Saturday 26th April 1986 8pm-10pm

April 1986 Show - Unknown Date

May 1986 - May 1986

Friday 2nd May 1986 10pm-11pm

Saturday 3rd May 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 9th May 1986 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 10th May 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 16th May 1986 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 17th May 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 23rd May 1986 11pm-Midnight

Friday 30th May 1986 10pm-11pm

Saturday 31st May 1986 8pm-10pm

June 1986 - June 1986

Friday 6th June 1986 11pm-1am

Friday 13th June 1986 11pm-1am

Friday 27th June 1986 11pm-Midnight

July 1986 - July 1986

Friday 4th July 1986 10pm-11pm

Saturday 5th July 1986 9pm-10pm

Saturday 12th July 1986 8pm-10pm

Saturday 19th July 1986 8pm-10pm

Saturday 26th July 1986 8pm-10pm

August 1986 - August 1986

Friday 1st August 1986 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 2nd August 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 22nd August 1986 10pm-Midnight

Friday 29th August 1986 10pm-1am

Saturday 30th August 1986 8pm-10pm

September 1986 - September 1986

Saturday 6th September 1986 8pm-9pm

Saturday 13th September 1986 8pm-9pm

October 1986 - October 1986

Friday 3rd October 1986 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 25th October 1986 9pm-10pm

November 1986 - November 1986

Friday 7th November 1986 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 8th November 1986 8pm-10pm

Friday 14th November 1986 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 29th November 8pm-10pm

December 1986 - December 1986

Friday 26th December 1986 10pm-Midnight