The London Pirates

JFM (102.8 FM, 103.3 FM) 1980/1 – 1985

JFM Radio

No.2 Mitcham Road

London SW17

Coverage: Londonwide

Jingles: “This is JFM – putting fun into Funk”

DJs: Brian Anthony (founder), Paul Dodd, Steve Devonne, Gordon Mac, Cleveland Anderson, Lyndon T, Pete Tong, Froggy, Lee Doyle, Barry Stone (aka DJ Stoney), Dave Collins, Susie Banks, Brian O’Connor, Steve Jackson, Steve Walsh, Jeff Young, Gilles Peterson, Lindsay Wesker, Norman Jay, Tony Monson, Lynn Parsons, Dave Collins, Marc Damon, Martin John, Terry Davis, Clive R (Richardson), Jim Colvin, Adrian Sykes, Terry Davis, Tony Christian, Tim Smith, Nigel Owen, Tony Mason, Robbie May, Robert Allen, Gary Richards, Roger Barry, Tony Townrow, Mark Roman, Keith Stafford, Graham Gold, Herbie and Dave (Mastermind Roadshow)

JFM is commonly thought to stand for “Jazz Funk Music” but was actually an abbreviation of ‘Jackie FM’, in homage to Brian Anthony’s previous pirate radio station. Confusingly, one station jingle went, “J for Jazz, F for Funk, M for Music”.

It first broadcast on August bank holiday 1980, and once established it went out in FM stereo on Sundays and occasionally into Monday morning. From early 1984 it could be heard throughout the week after one of its DJs discovered a loophole in the law regarding transmitter seizure.

Before JFM made enough money from advertising revenue it used to charge DJs £10 to broadcast. Many of the DJs knew each other and were already popular on the London Soul scene so the mutual benefits were obvious. The broadcasts had a professional feel and its weekend audience grew quickly. Kiss FM founder Gordon Mac had a Monday drive-time show in 1984 between 4:30-7pm

The JFM & Mastermind Roadshow (Herbie and the crew) could be heard every Friday night at the Lyceum in the Strand in London, which featured many PAs and freebies. The JFM Roadshow comprised Steve Jackson (resident Friday night DJ), Mark Damon, and Martin John. On Sunday 6th Jan 1985 the Lyceum had an under-18s gig in aid of the Ethiopian Appeal which had appearances by Mastermind, the City Limits Crew, London All-Star Breakers and various graffiti artists.

Hip Hop and Electro featured on JFM in the shows of Paul Dodd who, from at least July 1984, hosted the Hip Hop show on Saturday nights between 9-11pm. As well as playing new releases he read out an Electro Funk Chart featuring a top 30 rundown, later becoming the ‘JFM Floor Fillers Chart’. The latter chart was actually the top 15 positions of the Groove Electro Sales Chart* and was the same as that used by Mike Allen. In addition to this he had an ‘oldies’ spot, a ‘Wotupski’ spot, and a weekly ‘London mix spot’ in which prospective DJs would send in their efforts for airplay.

Paul also DJ’d every Thursday night at Oceans Discotheque in Market Street, Bracknell (Berkshire) where he played mainly Jazz-Funk, Soul and some Electro. After the demise of JFM he could be heard occasionally on Solar Radio and in 1987 on LWR, TKO Radio, and Radio Badger.

*These published charts were riddled with typographical errors and on his show of Saturday 5th January 1985 Paul could be heard reading out LL Cool J’s number eight record as ‘I need a bit’, exactly as it was misspelt in the Groove chart for that week.

JFM Floor Fillers chart from Saturday 5th January 1985

1 Just Havin’ Fun - Doug E. Fresh

2 Hanging Out – U.T.F.O.

3 Boogie Down (Bronx) – Man Parish feat. Freeze Force

4 Break Loose – The Younger Generation

5 Stick ‘Em! – Fat Boys

6 See The Light, Feel The Heat – Air Force One

7 It’s Not Right – The Dynamic Force

8 I Need a Beat – LL Cool J

9 Step Off – Grandmaster Melle Mel

10 Freaks Come Out at Night - Whodini

11 Jazz Up & Hip Hop – Solo feat. Key-Matic

12 Mean Machine – D.ST. & Jalal

13 Cosmic Blast – Captain Rock

14 Surgery – The Wreckin’ Cru

15 Original Human Beatbox – Doug E. Fresh

JFM Electro Funk Chart from Saturday 14th July 1984

1 Newcleus (LP) - Newcleus (no change)

2 Breakin’ Ain't no Stoppin' - Ollie & Jerry (up 2)

3 Nuclear Holocaust - The Future (up 4)

4 Take it to The Max - Special Request (up 10)

5 Techno Scratch - Knights of The Turntables (up 3)

6 Lip Service - Beat Master

7 Don't Want You To Be - Rama (down 2)

8 Let The Music Scratch (LP - Various Artists (up 2)

9 Breakdance (OST) - Various Artists (down 6)

10 Beat Street (OST) - Various Artists (up 3)

11 Fast Life - Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde (up 1)

12 Future Shock - Captain Rock (down 6)

13 B Boys Breakdance - High Fidelity Three (up 5)

14 Oh That Be Fine - The Doonesbury Break Crew (up 3)

15 The Buck Stops Here - Fantasy Three (up 6)

16 Beats & Rhythms - UTFO (down 5)

17 It's Yours (remix) TLA Rock & Jazzy Jay (new entry)

18 Release Yourself - Aleem (down 2)

19 Bugger's Groove - The Buggers (down 10)

20 30 Days - Run DMC (new entry)

21 Vote for Me - Uncle Sham & The Politicians (up 3)

22 Beat Street - Melle Mel (non-mover)

23 Games of Life - Just 4 (new entry)

24 Hip Hop on Wax - DJ Chuck Chillout (down 9)

25 Disco - Fat Boys (down 2)

26 Breakin' In Space - Key-Matic (up 2)

27 Electro 4 LP - Various Artists (down 7)

28 Besides - Odeon (down 3)

29 Shannon (LP) - Shannon (down 1)

30 Success - CD3 (down 3)

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