1985 Shows


By 1985 Mike's show had become a full on Hip Hop showcase with the playlist being dominated by Hip Hop records with the odd harder edged soul/funk/dance track thrown in. The shows were broadcast Friday nights 10pm-1pm, Saturday nights 10pm-1pm and there was also a Sunday night show.

Both the Groove's Hip Hop Sales Chart and the Allen's Army Frontline Chart were established by now with the Groove Chart on a Friday night and the Frontline Chart on a Saturday night, at the end of the year Mike did two special show's with a run down of both charts featuring all the number one's from 1985.

On some tapes you will here Mike mention the 'Kiss in the car' feature, which was basically a few slow love jams played one after another for 15 -20 minutes, from what I can tell this was usually after midnight.

Many of the tapes from 1985 are not dated, some I have managed to date because they have a Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart recorded so I just tie it in with the corresponding chart in Black Echoes magazine. Other shows I have managed to date by comparing Allen's Army Charts with the prior or former chart, sometimes Mike will say something to identify the date, and some show's remain unknown. The coverage of 1985 is sporadic, the first 7 months are very lean, then there are quite a few show's from August, I presume this maybe because it was the school summer holidays? December is the other month which is well represented.

February 1985 - February 1985

Unknown Date in February 1985

Unknown Date in February 1985

March 1985 - March 1985

Saturday 2nd March 1985 10pm-Midnight

Unknown Date in late March 1985

April 1985 - April 1985

Saturday 20th April 1985 10pm-Midnight

June 1985 - June 1985

Unknown Date in June 1985

7th or 8th June 1985

July 1985 - July 1985

Unknown Date in late July 1985

August 1985 - August 1985

Unknown Date in August 1985 (Saturday)

Friday 9th August 1985 10pm-Midnight

Sunday 11th August 1985

Unknown Date in August 1985 (Possibly same weekend as Sunday 11th)

Friday 16th August 1985 11pm-Midnight

Friday 23rd August 1985 11pm-1am

Unknown Date in August 1985 (Saturday)

September 1985 - September 1985

Friday 8th September 1985 11pm-Midnight

October 1985 - October 1985

Friday 4th October 1985 11pm-1am

November 1985 - November 1985

Friday 22nd November 1985 10pm-Midnight

Saturday 30th November 1985 10pm-Midnight

December 1985 - December 1985

Saturday 14th December 1985 10pm-Midnight

Friday 20th December 1985 11pm-Midnight

Saturday 21st December 10pm-Midnight

Friday 27th December 1985 10pm-1am

Saturday 28th December 1985 10pm-1am