The London Pirates

MRS FM (94.2 FM, 105.3 FM) 1987- 1988?

7 Holland Road

West Ham

London E15 3BP

Coverage: East London

DJs: DJ Marky B

MRS FM was billed as a Soul station and could first be heard at weekends before attempting 24 hour broadcasts. Transmitter problems resulted in irregular output on at least two frequencies, which may have alerted the authorities to their presence. They were last heard in April and May 1987 but seemed to disappear after then, most probably after a DTI raid. Details are few, but from at least April 1987 DJ Marky B had a Sunday show from 1pm onwards playing a mix of old and new Hip Hop and Rare Groove.

Marky B became interested in the Hip Hop scene in 1983 and gained a reputation as a proficient scratch mixer. He appeared several times with the Masquerade Roadshow at the Notting Hill carnival and also entered the DMC competitions, as well as playing regular clubs venues. In the late 80s and 90s his DJ set increasingly favoured House and Drum & Bass.

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