Recorded Shows Archive

Recorded Shows Archive

Here you will find a listed archive of recorded shows, I have broken it down so each year has it's own page, then each month within that year.

I am hopeful that as people find this site they may share any recordings they have of the shows, please contact me if you do have any old Mike Allen tapes. I am always open to swapping recordings or if you have old tapes and do not have the capability of transferring them to digital format, I am more than happy to do this if you don't mind sending me the tapes.

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My aim is to compile a collection of as many recordings as possible.

Some of you viewing the site may already know me as Simmo, I have used a few of the old school Hip Hop forums for a few years now. I should note that although many of these shows listed on the site are my own recordings, I have received many others in trades over the years, so credit for this compilation of shows below also goes out to Lindsay (London), Chinni (London), ramses (OSHH), Mister G (OSHH), Irish Craig (OSHH), Dutch (OSHH), Repo136 (OSHH), Russ (EE) and Gee (EE).

1984 - 1984 Shows

1985 - 1985 Shows

1986 - 1986 Shows

1987 - 1987 Shows

2005 - 2005 Shows