Groove Charts

Groove Hip Hop Sales Charts

Groove Records was a legendary record shop in the 1980's that was infamous for stocking the latest and most upfront Hip Hop/Electro records, it really was THE place to buy your Hip Hop vinyl in London. It was a tiny little shop situated on a corner in Greek Street, Soho, anybody who used to regularly visit Groove will tell you it was a fantastic shop which had a real buzz about the place.

Groove's reputation for the finest Hip Hop vinyl was no doubt helped by the fact that Mike Allen would read out the Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart every Friday night on his Capital show, he would run down the top 20 seller's playing maybe a high new entry or a track that had made a significant move up the chart, which all built up to him playing the number one boss cut in London that week.

Echoes would print the Groove Hip Hop Sales chart every week, available in the shops on a Saturday Mike would have read the printed chart out the previous weekend on his Friday night show, so the dates do not tie in with the shows, there is always an 8 day difference.

I have scanned the charts printed in Echoes music paper, below you will find links to all the charts from the period covered by Mike's shows, so 1984 through to mid 1988. I only have a few charts from 1984 and there are a few charts missing from 1985, if anybody has the Echoes paper from those missing weeks and would be willing to send me a scan I would be most grateful.

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