The London Pirates

Faze 1 FM/ Phase One FM (90.9 FM) 1987 - ?

Faze 1 FM

5 Oval Place

London SW8

Coverage: South London/Londonwide

DJs: Booker T, Dave Angel, Jam Master C, DJ Jayne, Paul Richards, Henry VIII, DJ Fabio, Groove Rider, DJ Jayne, Andrew Dazzler, Commander B, Heavy Duty, Mendoza, Clazzy J, Esther, Funk E.D., L.S.B., DJ Jayne, Crime Master T, Spunky G, Clive B, DJ Dean, Viccy P, Double M, Desi G & Barry White, Wood House, DJ L.A., DJ Dean, S.J.B., Vicky P, Isaac J., Colin Dale, RD (aka DJ Dodge), Mike ‘Ruff Cut’ Lloyd.

Faze 1 was first heard in April 1987 and sought to broadcast Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and dance music to south London 24 hours a day. It was initially hampered by repeated thefts of its transmitters by a rival station and DTI raids, but managed to maintain fairly regular schedules despite this. In June 1987 it claimed TKO was behind the thefts, but this was denied by TKO who blamed the DTI. By July or August 1988 Faze 1’s range was reduced to just the Brixton area after frequent DTI busts whenever they attempted higher powered broadcasts. It is not yet known when they finally disappeared.

Details of any specifically Hip Hop orientated shows are not yet confirmed, but Grooverider was known to play Hip Hop on his 1am Monday show. Along with his partner DJ Fabio they formed a highly regarded duo who championed early House music and later pioneered (and became synonymous with) the Drum & Bass genre.

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