Whilst the Capital Rap Show was on air Mike interviewed many artists, including the following:

Rick Rubin & Russel Simmons (1985)

Doug E Fresh (Friday 22nd November 1985)

Master OC & Great Peso (Saturday 14th December 1985)

Cory Robbins (January 1986)

LL Cool J (January 1986)

Kurtis Blow (Friday 14th March 1986)

DJ Cheese and Word of Mouth (Saturday 15 March 1986)

Duke Bootee (Saturday 22nd March 1986)

Davy D (Saturday 22nd March 1986)

T Kid (Saturday 29th March 1986)

The Real Roxanne (Friday 11th July 1986)

Hardrock Soul Movement (Saturday 2nd August 1986)

Cory Robbins (Friday 23rd January 1987)

Run DMC (Friday 22nd May 1987)

Schoolly D & Code Money (1987 Might be from LBC)

Mantronix (1987)

Beastie Boys (1987)

Here is the interview with DJ Cheese & Word of Mouth broadcast on Saturday 15th March 1986...

I wrote to Mike Allen about the Capital Rap Show in 2002 whilst he was at Talk Radio, with the hope that he may write back, to my great surprise I received a phone call from him a few days later. It was quite surreal speaking to him on the phone, this was a voice I had listened to for many hours over the previous 15+ years and now I was actually chatting with him. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and Mike agreed to do an interview, Mike was really helpful and put a great deal of time and effort into typing up answers to a number of questions I forwarded to him, I was and still am very grateful for the time he put in.

To read the interview follow the link...

Mike Allen Interview