Message From The Boss

A Message From The Boss

In 1996 I wrote to Mike Allen whilst he was working at Talk Radio, in the letter I asked a few questions about his Capital Radio show, Mike replied answering the questions and also including a signed postcard and a message on a Talk Radio note slip...

A signed postcard from the Boss The front of the Talk Radio postcard

It reads "Jon, Here we are: Bust It!"

A note that Mike sent with his reply.

Mike answers the questions I asked in my letter, he confirms the last Capital show as being in June 1987.

In August 1985 Mike ran a poster competition on his Capital Radio show, the entrants A snippet from the show broadcast on Sunday August 11th 1985 where Mike

had to design a poster that included the information 'Hip Hop on Capital Radio Friday, talks about the poster competition.

Saturday and Sunday nights with Mike Allen on 95.8fm stereo". Information about

the competition was broadcast on the show dated Sunday 11th August, as can

be seen in the recorded show archive.

The top prize was a trip for two to New York, the 25 runners up received a copy of the

new 'New York v LA Beats album. This letter was sent to one of the 25 runner up,

many thanks to Lee Lawrence for the letter scan.

A letter from Mike dated 1st December 1986, thanks to Darren Moran for the scan.

Darren can not remember all the questions he asked but here is what he thinks

he asked:

1. ?

2. What was your favourite record of the year?

3. What's happened to the Real Roxanne?

4. A question about Chuck Chill?

5. How come we were listening to Eric B is President long before Chuck Chill was talking about it?

6. ?

7. ?

8. ?