1985 Jan - June

1985 Groove Hip Hop Sales Charts

January - June 1985

The charts below represent the Hip Hop and Electro record sales in Groove Records, Soho, London. Please note that these charts were printed in Echoes magazine every Saturday but Mike Allen would read out the same chart the previous weekend on the Friday night show, so the dates here will not be in sync with the shows.

5th January 1985

12th January 1985 - Chart required

19th January 1985 - Chart required

26th January 1985

2nd February 1985

9th February 1985 - Blurred print in magazine so hard to read

16th February 1985

23rd February 1985

2nd March 1985

9th March 1985

16th March 1985

23rd March 1985

30th March 1985

6th April 1985

13th April 1985 (Same chart printed as the week before)

20th April 1985

27th April 1985

4th May 1985

11th May 1985

18th May 1985

25th May 1985

1st June 1985

8th June 1985

15th June 1985

22nd June 1985

29th June 1985