The Tapes

Back in the 1980's it was all about tapes, for us beat hungry teenagers the biggest problem was getting hold of enough tapes to keep up with demand. Once I discovered Mike Allen's show this became a constant problem, every week there were fresh beats on the air waves so every week you needed another C60 or C90 as a minimum. Many people used to tape over their old shows with new shows, I am glad I didn't do this myself as I hate the thought that I would have lost so many older shows. Unfortunately one thing I was guilty of was recording a show onto another tape and editing stuff out to save precious tape time, something I deeply regret now but I suppose made sense to me at the time. On the plus side I didn't do this that often so not all was lost.

I am happy to say that I kept all my old radio tapes and they are still in a box in the loft, most of these have now been converted to a digital format.

Below are some scans of various Mike Allen tape covers, a couple of tapes and the box that holds all the beats...
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