Groove Records

Groove Records
Groove Records was a small independant record store that was situated on Greek St within Soho, Central London. This legendary record store was known as the number one place to buy your Hip Hop vinyl in London during the 1980's. Mike Allen would feature the Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart on his Friday night show usually between 11pm and midnight, counting down the 20 fastest selling Hip Hop cuts from the past week generally playing the highest climbers, new entries and of course the cut in the boss position.


Groove Records as it was in 1987

Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart as featured on Mike's show broadcast on 21st February 1986

The Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart played by Mike on a Friday night would feature in the following weeks edition of Black Echoes magazine, you would also regulary see adverts for Groove in Blues & Soul magazine.

Below is an advert from an August 1983 edition of Blues & Soul, this was the very early days in the UK, Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit' was only just about to blow up and Electro Funk (as this new music form was known in the UK) was starting to make some noise. As you can see Groove already had an Electro/Funk Chart and were boasting the largest selection of electro Funk in London.

                     The legendary Groove bag                                                                    Another shot outside the famous corner store