R.I.P. Mike Allen

It's with a sad heart that I have to pass on the news that Mike Allen passed away last night (04/12/2015). He had been suffering with poor health in recent years, I am told that he passed whilst surrounded by family and friends.

Mike will always be fondly remembered by a whole generation of 1980's teenagers who would eagerly tune into his Capital Radio shows every weekend. He introduced many of us to the culture and sounds of Hip Hop and kept us hooked with his fun charismatic attitude and selection of fresh beats and rhymes.

For many, me included, he shaped the soundscape to our lives.

R.I.P. The Boss in London

Every Friday night between 8pm and 10pm tune into the new weekly radio show 'The Boss In The 80s', a nod back to the days of Mike Allen on Capital Radio. Playing all those fresh 80s beats and with a weekly chart voted for by the listeners.

You can also get involved and vote for your favourite tracks and talk Mike Allen on Facebook at the Mike Allen Appreciation Society

Pause buttons at the ready...

In the 1980's Mike Allen hosted a Hip Hop show on London's Capital Radio 95.8FM, the show along with the legendary London record shop Groove Records were responsible for introducing many of us in the UK to the world of Hip Hop.

The show ran from late 1984 to the summer of 1987, in retrospect this short period of 2-3 years seems like a drop in the ocean but the reality was that Mike's show was massively influential in the growth of this new music form in London and across the UK. 

On a weekly basis Mike would give us the latest sounds from the likes of Grandmaster Flash, Whodini, Fat Boys, Marley Marl, DJ Cheese & Word Of Mouth, Run DMC, Doug E Fresh, UTFO, Ice T, 2 Live Crew, World Class Wreckin Cru, Egyptian Lover, the list goes on. What was so great about Mike's show was that he introduced us to so many obscure gems as well, records by the the likes of the Majestic Crew, Fresh Force, Bronx Style Bob, Byron Davis & the Fresh Krew, Cutmaster DC, CSL & Boys Next Door, Lady Fire & The Army Of Scratch, Rapomatic Ltd, DR J.R. Kool, Lil Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme, Big Apple Productions and countless others, sounds that we never would have got to hear without his shows. Mike would play every type of Hip Hop no matter where it came from so you got to hear east coast, west coast, Miami and even the odd UK release, so complete coverage of what was happening at the time.

Every Friday night Mike would countdown the Groove Hip Hop Sales Chart. The 20 best selling cuts from the previous seven days in Groove Records which was a small independant record store in Soho, London that specialised in Hip Hop.

On a Saturday night Mike would countdown the Allen's Army Frontline Chart which was a chart voted for by the listeners. The listeners would ring in and leave a message on an answering machine quoting their favourite cut of the week, the votes would be counted and the top 10 rundown on the Saturday.

Mike also played a big part in organising the UK Fresh 86 concerts at Wembley Arena. The two concerts (an afternoon and evening show) took place on Saturday 19th July 1986 and were part of the Capital Radio Music Festival.

This site is dedicated to the Mike Allen Capital Radio Show, it will give details about the show and list the shows broadcast, I am hoping that this can become a definitive archive of any recordings that still exist and a place where fans of the show can share their recordings.

You're locked in to the Boss...


Listen to a show below, recorded on 10th May 1986 this is the first hour of a Saturday night show and includes an Allen's Army Frontline Chart, you can also download the show if you go to the SoundCloud page.

I have recently been contacted by DJ Cross Flow who has started putting together a podcast show in tribute to Mike Allen's original Capital Rap shows from the mid 1980's.

There are currently two shows available, they are structured in the same way as Mike's original shows and he plays many of the classics from that era, check the shows out at...